My work fuses the raw material of music into visual, emotional and intellectual forms by drawing with cut paper, shaping and layering positive and negative space into rhythms. The paper is meticulously cut and composed, opened and closed, with a focus on creating lines that specify coherent patterns of light and shadows on a grid, forming a visual musical structure. In essence, the paper itself becomes the instrument that draws light into visual musical patterns.

Each piece, which is part of the indivisual work, is a component, much like a movement, that comprises a larger integrated work with the theme of the ambient statement. Sound, light and physical process, whether subjective or objective, through inference, are all interrelated and consistent within this statesment. I combine my paper work with the sound and structure of music.

My art is that an independent self-conscious, self-constructing novel patterns with the constrains of predetermined boundaries of time and nature. Through space,time, sound and life itself, I express and represent the intervals that define my being. Music is taken for inspiration, as manifest of the continuous river which bridges the layers of emotional, intellectual, physical and metaphysical.

I use music as my inspiration. I translate sound into linear patterns that can be interpreted as either a visual image in terms of a language to be deciphered and read. Listening to music, I feel a space that flows like river. This space is a real physical space. It is an abstract and metaphysical realm for me. Music, by evoking that abstract space, inspires me to creat new spaces through my art. A visual sound of a diagram is related to a heartbeat with a feelings.

My art work is based on humility, prayers, gratitude, and music, sound, and light in nature. My cut paper compositions breathe life into the fragile medium with depth and intricacy in such a way that captivates  senses that gives a profound emotional response. In embracing the phenomenological dimensions of my art, viewers are prompted to reflect on their role as perceivers  and the ways in which their subjective consciousness shapes their understanding of time and space.

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